Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pee-Baby = Dinosaur

Great. I was playing with Ryan yesterday when I had a realization.

My baby looks like the baby from the Dinosaurs sitcom. Awesome.

First he looks like a elf and now he looks like a pink reptile.

Sometimes Ryan gets eczema and his skin gets scaly.... just like baby Sinclair. Ugh.

At least Pee-baby has awesome hair and is better to cuddle with:


  1. At least he doesn't have chocolate chip cookie skin....

  2. He is darling. And his hair is awesome.

  3. The last pic of you & Ryan @ the beach is perfection! Congrats on the dinosaur like child ;)

  4. "Gotta love me... gotta love me!"
    And you ARE pretty AWESOME.


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