Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Primary Program Ruining

Mormon church Primary Programs.

Where all the kids 12 years old and younger go on the stage by the pulpit and serenade the adults for the entire Sacrament meeting.

For this year's program, all of the kids had speaking parts and since my Sunbeam (our Mormon name for this age group)  class of 3-4 year olds can't read, I was lucky enough to have to stand up there and help all 8 kids. It's also customary for Primary teachers to sit on the stand with their class throughout the program.

My class is the youngest. I got lucky again and had to sit in the very front row in a small kiddie chair. I'm a huge adult compared to all the scrawny children. I stuck out and everyone felt bad for me. I could see the pity in the congregations faces as I looked over the crowd.

Ryan has become a primary song enthusiast since he became a Sunbeam. We have singing time every Sunday and Ryan LOVES the chorister, Sister Bigler. (BTW Mormons call each other Brother and Sister it's weird, I know, but so is Sunbeams because those freaking kids are not beams from our Sun, they are beams from the darkest depth of hyperactivity.)

Ryan yells the songs every week hoping he will get called on to be Sis. Bigler's special helper. If he doesn't know the words he just yells louder to make up for it. It's very distracting which is why I let him do it. Church can be boring and I welcome distractions.

Back to the Primary Program. Ryan decided to sing super good (or super bad depending on how you look at it) in front of everyone in hopes Sis. Bigler would see how awesome he was and maybe she would give him a cookie.

Ryan randomly yelled songs the entire time. The little girl next to him kept covering her ears and looking at Ryan with disgust.
I had to be sneaky and record him while hiding my phone from the audience so I wouldn't get judged for ruining this spiritual moment.

The audience was laughing non-stop. I always loved the kids that misbehaved and ruined the program. I don't love it so much now because it's MY kid. Well played God. Well played.


  1. Its only fair that it passes down a generation. Now its not MY kid! My only regret is that I missed all this awesomeness!!! :(

  2. Its only fair that it passes down a generation. Now its not MY kid! My only regret is that I missed all this awesomeness!!! :(

  3. Love! He made the program that much more awesome! And btw...I totally saw you recording and that made me happy! I was so glad that you were saving that awesome moment! Molly ADORES you just FYI! 😉


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