10 Goals in 1001 Days

Most of my friends are overachievers and have these ridiculous list that outline how productive and awesome they are are. Their goals include getting a masters degree, potty-training twins, learning sign language and curing cancer. If you want to play that game.... fine.

I can be awesome and set goals too.

Who's over-productive now???

1. Make a dinner that Jared can eat without watering eyes and plugging his nose.

2. Go 4 months consecutively without a car wreck.

3. Quit candy for 3 days straight. Actually lets make it 1 day straight.

4. Get a real job, and by real job, I mean a job that I don't make fun of to my friends.

5. Get a puppy or have a baby, not
both. (Puppies are WAY cheaper if you were wondering).
6. Accept that I will never be Black and that people will always look at me when I bust out the loud rap music in my Honda Civic. I will never be able to say, "Girl! You best stay away from my man!" without serious repercussions.

I am still in the denial stage on this one. I feel that with a lot of prayer, meditation and soul searching I may one day be able to accept that I am white.

7. Continue my unhealthy obsession with
Survivor while completely ignoring Jared for 1 hour every Thursday night 8/7 central standard time.

8. Shower more.

9. Pray enough that something as awesome as
Rasputin will happen again, the sooner the better.

10. Blog more.

Lofty goals, I know.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I reserved 1001 days to complete this list and I have a tendency to procrastinate.


  1. I LOVE your goals! Good Luck!

  2. Just to let you know, I got a puppy first. It may be cheaper but it sucks way worse than a kid. WAY worse.


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