L&D Nurse Gifts

I packed my hospital bags a few weeks before my March 14th due date, because in my mind, baby #2 was coming early whether he wanted to or not.

All the lists I looked at online suggested I bring gifts for the labor and delivery nurses.

This is a good great idea.

Nurses are the nicest people in the world ever (next to my mom).

When I had Cryin' Ryan, the Labor and Delivery Nurses were awesome and I was so grateful they were there to help.
Jared bought them multiple rounds of Starbucks over the 4 days we spent recovering.

Pre-packing a gift for them is genius.

As expected, the L&D nurses for baby #2 were freaking superheroes.
They were also surprised and stoked about the little presents.
It seemed like a fair trade..... deal with my nasty bodily fluids, unabashed nakedness, and crying...... then I will give you a travel size lotion and hand sanitizer.
Fair trade indeed.


Meet Tyler

Two very important things happened simultaneously this past week:

1. I had baby #2.

Meet Tyler Henry Scott

Here are the usual stats that no one cares about:

- Born: March 5, 2014
- 6.14 lbs.
- 19 1/2 inches
- Cuter than a kitten in a boot

I already love him more than I love my kitchen sink. He is so tiny and cute, I can barely take it.

Jared and Ryan are in love with him too.

I seriously forgot how much fun having a newborn is. I also forgot how much fun not being pregnant is.