Utah McDonalds

Let me first start by saying that McDonald's do not have play places in Ventura County, California. Probably because it is beautiful and 75 degrees year round so everyone prefers to play at outdoor park.

There are a ton of indoor kids attractions in Utah, which makes sense since its freezing in the winter and depressingly hot in the summer.

One of our favorite things to do lately is rogue fish feeding at City Creek's indoor mall. You aren't supposed to feed the fish, but they look so hungry so we feed them until a security guard gets mad. Then we pretend like we didn't know we were breaking rules.
Good parenting right there.

Either way, Utah has buttloads of class, and also buttloads of fast food chain play places.
My kids love this crap.
I hate it.

Every time we go (which is more often than I would like to admit, but only because McDonald's has free wifi) my heart dies a little.

We walk in and I feel the greasy air wrap me and my kids in it's filmy humid arms. I immediately feel like I need my weekly shower.

I know there are boogers, saliva, chewed food, poop, viruses, pee, and other body fluids coating every square inch of the cesspool.

Also, I constantly find lonely used band-aids floating around.

Freaking disgusting.
Which is why we are probably going there for dinner.


Creepy Tyler: Part II

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