C is for Citation

I had to take a class this summer (and one this fall) to completely finish my degree. I thought I was too smart for the CSUN parking patrol officers and decided not to pay for the $180 summer parking pass.

I only had class twice a week so I figured that the probability of getting a ticket was slim to none.
Plus I like to beat the system.
(Especially after paying $2300 for a 5 credit class).

Regardless of my calculated parking, on the last day of class I found a pink slip on my windshield. After mumbling a few choice words directed at the parking officers, I was somewhat relieved to find that my citation was only $45.

I was angry but
as I sat at my desk to write the check out, I rationalized that I received an entire semester of parking for $45. That is a $135 savings.

Take that CSUN.

Instead of writing obscenities on the envelope I did this instead:

I win again. amen.

P.S. Feel free to send any hate mail to the above address.


  1. I love making lemons out of lemonade. Like hey - I can't have baby's, but at least I have cysts! This post was hilarious by the way...

  2. niiiice. Quite the bargain!

  3. haha that's hilarious! i never paid the stupid parking fee, either, and i did get a ticket once, but never thought about how much i saved! thanks for the positive spin on an otherwise annoying situation. :)


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