Prune Juice

I am getting old.


A couple of years ago I had to get glasses. Now I squint when I forget to put my contacts in.
I order the early bird special at Yolanda's.
I have some wrinkles.
My boobs are not where they used to be.
I used to love Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe but now they make me gag.
I totally get constipated and drink prune juice.
I am in bed by 9:30.
I enjoy Jeopardy. I watch it with Jared's grandma.
I listen to Talk Radio.
I use Costco coupons religiously.
I have poor bladder control.
I have a kid.
I bet I smell weird.

Does anyone know how much Adult Diapers Cost???


  1. I LOVE talk radio and have an age spot on my cheek. Getting older sucks! Also, being an adult is totally overrated...haha!

  2. You look really pretty in this photo! Is that brown checkered dress you are wearing from Anthropologie?

  3. If some of these things qualify you as being old... I've been old since I was fourteen!


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