Lemonade and Legos

There is an AWESOME Lego store 30 min from our house.
Ryan is obsessed. I think he might even like Legos more than the nasty McDonald's Playplace.

We try to teach Ryan that when he wants to do fun things or buy toys, he has to earn his own money. Awesome parent award goes to me.

He told me one day that he wanted to sell lemonade.
I wasn't about to let my tiny kid sell it on the street because Ted Bundy and Ariel Castro. *shivers

I was all proud that Ryan came up with his own idea to make money, usually he earns money around the house for pulling weeds, emptying the dishwasher and putting his clothes away. 

I decided he could sell lemonade at my parents house during one of our family dinners. He helped me make a lame sign and make the lemonade.

I didnt want my family to feel obligated to buy lemonade, so I secretly passed out quarters to everyone.
Awesome parent award 2 goes to me.

He sold the crap out of that lemonade so we went to the Lego store and Ryan lived happily ever after.... for 10 minutes.


  1. But you're teaching him the value of work. That will last a lifetime! :)

  2. Well if I saw Ryan on the side of the road selling lemonade, I would totally want to kidnap him. Good call mom.


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