Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Card

 Last time I read the scriptures, I think I remember that there was this one part that said:

Once you are a mom, thou shalt make stupid homemade crafts.

I think I read it in either Genesis or Isaiah.
As a practicing Mormon Mom, I am required to make useless crap that looks cuter than a kitten in a boot. 

One time, I didn't make crafts for, like, a month.... and I didn't take Sacrament the whole time.

I dug into my copious craft supplies and pulled out what I would need. BTW, If a Mormon girl doesn't have at least $1000 worth of craft supplies, she isn't really Mormon.

I have a proven track record in card-making, so I busted this out for Jared:

Definitely cuter than a kitten in a boot. amen.


  1. Can you send me one of those for my hubby?

  2. Pretty sure this is genius! I tell everyone to read your blog because you are so damn funny!


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