M is for Megaphone

I get it. We all get road rage.
But my favorite brother, Jake has recently come up with a solid plan to combat his rage.

Jake's Plan
  1. Buy Megaphone
  2. Keep Megaphone in car on passenger seat
  3. When you feel angry/rage-full/sad/offended/bored pick up Megaphone
  4. Roll down Window
  5. Use best announcer voice to cuss other driver out. 
I'm not kidding one bit.

His favorite insults include:
  • You Sir, are an A-hole! 
  • Eff you! Really, Eff you.  
  • Turning Left here is illegal Dumb-A!
  • Hey troll! There's no stop sign!

The more offensive the other driver has been is in direct correlation with the amount of F-words, A-words and B-words used.

I have witnessed Jake preforming this magical feat, and let me just say, it is probably one of the funniest things ever.
I need to get my own megaphone. amen.

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