My Beautiful Yard

Being a new home owner should come with a manual. While shopping for homes in Southern California my Husband and I were determined to find the best shack that our money could buy. If anyone is familiar with the housing market in So. Cal. you know that in order to have a nice house you must promise your first born as the down payment. Lucky for us, Jared and I are both relatively smart with our money and have saved a little while living in Ohio. We searched everywhere, but we had our eyes set on a nunnery across the street from where we were squatting. Jared's grandparents were kind enough to let us crash in their beautiful house for what turned into 4 MONTHS. Eager to have us move out, Jared's grandma Annette used her sweet old lady charm to get us the details about the possible selling of the nunnery.
We ended up buying this house the second we found out it was available. I later received many hate calls about our covert purchase.
The house is pretty nasty. There are handle bars throughout the house used for helping the old nuns get around. The cupboards smell like old cheap perfume. The garage has been converted into a chapel with a cross on the outside. It is also unfortunate that the front of our house looks like a mobile home.

On the other hand the yard is amazing. I thought that there was no way we could find a house with a yard in California.

The downside is that we can't afford the yard care services that were keeping the yard so beautiful. I now spend most of my free time trying to keep the yard from growing wild. I sometimes wonder why I am paying an insane mortgage to live in a nasty house, spend all my time doing yard work, and smelling the cupboards.... then I walk outside in a skirt and flip flops in the middle of winter.... it's awesome here.

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  1. My yard isn't nearly as big but I definately know how you feel. I think Houses should come with warning lables. "Requires more of your time than you are willing to give"


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