I take a lot of classes about race, discrimination, ethnicity and history of other cultures. It is what I study in my free time and what I love. I can even study this subject for more than 8 minutes at a time. My African-American History class is one of the best I have ever been in. The professor raps, dances, and teaches us to say dirty things in Yoruban (a west African language). I am one of the three crackers in the class, which makes for good times. I have also learned a lot about interracial relations.

- I am not allowed to laugh at any of Dave Chappelle's jokes unless I am accompanied by a black
- White people smell bad when wet
- White girls have "no butt"
- I will never be able to shake it as well as a Black girl

Last week an announcement was made that in honor of Black History Month a variety/talent show was in the works and everyone was invited to contribute. You could dance, read a poem, perform a song or monologue, or anything else having to do with Black culture. I suggested that I could maybe sing a Natalie Cole or Aretha Franklin song while shaking my non-existent butt. The class laughed,
and the announcer said, "On a serious note....maybe you could make some cookies."
I was just trying to show my support for the Black community. Why does there have to be discrimination against the white girl?

I am totally going to make those black/white cookies where you dip one half in white chocolate. Or maybe the chocolate chip cookies with white and black chocolate chips..... that will show 'em.

Update: Everyone liked them.

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