Thou Shalt Not Judge

Walking along a busy street filled with shops and sidewalk cafes, I noticed someone across the street. This girl looked like the ultimate brat. She had a scowl on her face and I thought to myself, "what a bi*ch." Unfortunately, those were the exact works I thought in my head. As I gave the snobby girl a dirty look, she shot one right back at me. Disgusted, I started walking again and the girl did too. I was so annoyed. I stopped and threw my hands out and questioned, "What?" Only then did I realize I was talking to my reflection. I'm Awesome. I shook my head in shame and laughed nervously as my reflection giggled along with me.
I could only imagine what other people saw when they looked at me. Even I thought I sucked.

This embarrassing moment happened a few years ago. I am not a mean girl and I don't want to look like one either, so I continuously take measures to not let things like this happen again.

  • I'm not allowed to wear black shirt, black shoes, black pants and black sunglasses at the same time.
  • I do not call girls "bi*ches" in my head anymore.
  • I say a prayer every night that includes asking that I will "think good thoughts about people"
  • I also framed this picture of me and look at it almost everyday to keep myself humble. It's the most effective strategy.



  1. That cannot be you.

  2. I like this picture. It was a pretty dress and the hairstyle was very up-to-date! You felt very pretty that day you little booger!


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