Goodbye California

Goodbye beautiful California.
I'm going to miss you. You have been good to me and my heart hurts a little as I type this.

Goodbye day trips to Santa Barbara.

Goodbye annoying 25mph speed limit all the way up the hills to my house.

Goodbye amazing Camarillo parks and playgrounds.

Goodbye super nice mailman, Terry.

Goodbye amazing view of Ventura county/little sliver of the Pacific ocean from my windows.

Goodbye Ryan's angelic nursery teachers who graciously put up with his antics.

Goodbye best weather in the world. Sunny blue skies at 70-80 degrees year-round.

Goodbye good friends who are even better examples.

Goodbye racial and cultural diversity.

Goodbye most amazing strawberries grown in the free world.

Goodbye over-priced gasoline.

Goodbye my most favorite visiting teachers/friends ever - Gayle and Keiko.

Goodbye delicious avocado trees in my backyard.

Goodbye scary county road without sidewalks that I run on in my neighborhood.

Goodbye 10-15 minute drive to the beach.

Goodbye living across the street from one of my best friends and the BEST old-person EVER. Jared's grandma.


Goodbye quiet drives down Pacific Coast Highway.

Goodbye kids at the Boys and Girls Club, who made me laugh hard and taught me all the dirty words in Spanish.

Goodbye Roscoe's chicken and waffles.

Goodbye trips to Ventura just to buy lemon bars and thick bacon at Lassen's.

Goodbye two of my most favorite girls ever.

Goodbye cute little friends who played with Ryan.


I am leaving you for another state. One with my family, and reasonable real estate prices.

It's not you California...... it's me.

p.s. Lisa, don't worry, I'm alive. :)


  1. Oh good byes are so difficult aren't they! Wishing you much happiness in The Land of Mormon!

  2. Thank you California and all you hold for taking care of one of my babies. THANK YOU GRAMMA NETT for making the time apart from my baby bearable. I knew she was in good hands so I could sleep at night. Thank you everyone in Emily ' s ward for making her a bearable "mormon". She can come back now.


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