Jared and I were married in Utah, where all my family lives.
One month into our married life, J surprised me by pretty much telling me I was moving to Ohio. I was like, what the hell Jared???

His Dad had just moved to Dayton, Ohio from Los Angeles and wanted Jared to live by him.

I resisted for months, but once Jared gets an idea in his head, resistance is futile.
So we packed up our crappy one room apartment, left my entire family, drove to Dayton, and moved into his Dad's basement.

There, Jared bought a nasty old house for Jared to remodel....... sound familiar? Probably because Jared loves to buy nasty houses.

By the way, Ohio is BEAUTIFUL.

A year and a half later, Jared finally finished the house. As soon as we moved into the newly remodeled Ohio house -guess what..... yep, Jared got another idea in his head and we rushed to sell the house. Two months after moving in, we were packing up to live in California.

California did not involve his Dad's basement, and we would be closer to my messed up family, so I was only partiality mad at leaving my pretty new house.

In California, we moved into Jared's awesome grandparents house. After 4 months we bought the house directly across the street. We have been living here for over 6 years.

You saw the before pictures. Our California house was nassssstttty. Jared has spent every second of free time for the last FOUR YEARS remodeling this place.
He likes it though.

It does suck that I have the kids all the time and we rarely hung out as a family. Plus the mess of remodeling is incredible. Also, the amount of money spent on the materials was INSANE. We didn't end up saving any money by having Jar-bear do the work.
But it's all ok, because now it's all done and I can finally relax in my pretty remodeled California house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding!
A few months ago Jared decided he hates his job and that we need to move to Utah so our boys can grow up with family close by.

We had planned on staying in California the rest of our lives. Jared has always wanted to live here since it is his home. I never though the day would come when Jared wanted to move to Utah.

I had made my peace with the fact that we would never live by my family, so this has been pretty weird. I haven't lived in Utah for 10 years.

A few weeks ago, Jared was offered a job in Utah on the spot. Literally the NEXT DAY, we sold our house.

My self-diagnosed case of OCD led me to pack everything up early, meticulously label everything, and color code each box with duck tape.

We even packed up Ryan:

My kids and I usually garner a lot of pity from other people so I know I'll at least be able to get invites to a few Herriman, UT playgroups.

 I'm scared to say goodbye to everyone and everything here, because I'll probably cry. I hate crying. 


  1. I hate that you move back now that I'm not there anymore. I just want to wear booger stained mom shorts to the playground with you. Congrats though. That's exciting!

  2. What?!! I thought we had some cousin solidarity...being pretty much the only ones in our entire Barlocker extended family to live outside of Utah. I'm sure that your parents are ecstatic that you and your kids will be so much closer...and, I guess, you now will have unlimited free babysitting, which is always a plus. Good luck with the move!

    1. I feel like such a sell-out moving back!!!!! You know you are jealous that i get to be there for Cherry Hills reunions.....

  3. I heard you were moving a couple months ago but didn't believe it. I guess it's true! We're in Riverton until November, any chance to get our kiddos together? My number is the same. So is my facebook. Good luck with the move!

  4. Oh my HECK utah is the best. (See what I did there?)
    I bet your family is excited, 10 years is a long time to live away! I have a few friends in Herriman that love it out there. I go to Herriman occasionally to play with my friends who are stuck in their houses because they have booger children they don't like to take in public. Now that I have my own kid (he's not boogery. YET) I've been going there more often!

    1. I totally need to find some booger-crusted Herriman friends. I hope everything with the baby is going well! Newborns are rough, I didn't like my kids till they were 4 months old.


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