Hot Sisterwife And My Parent's Basement

Guess how awesome I am???

A 10.
I am 10, awesome.

Because for the 3rd time in my adult life, I am living in a relative's basement.

First, Jared's Dad in Ohio - for 1 1/2 long years,
Second, at Jared's grandparent's California house for a short 4 months,
And now we are crashing in my own parent's basement in Utah.

We have the whole basement to ourselves. 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, mini kitchen, etc.

The view isn't bad either.

Plus, my parents have cable TV, which is why I blog less.

We are thinking of doing a less-violent version of Custer's Last Stand, and living here until my parents forcibly remove us.

Oh yeah, deers eat out of your hand here. Maybe I'm an 11 on the scale of awesome???

 Before we moved from California, Jared had accepted a job here, but promptly quit it because it was crappy.
Our first week here he got a couple of other offers. But since we love living in basements so much, he declined the offers and waited to hear back for a better offer.

He got the job he wanted (over 3 weeks and a trip to Cleveland later). We bought a house, but have a 60 day escrow. Which means my parents get 60 more bliss-filled day with my and my titty monkeys (Jared included.)

A couple weeks ago, my parents left on a little vacation and left me to my own vices (I meant to type "devices" but the more accurate typo stays).

Before they left, I told my mom that Jared and I were going to have sex in every room in the house. She said "too late." ew.

Don't moms know its funnier when their kids gross them out and not the other way around????? I guess this shred of human decency has no place in my family tree.

Instead of tainting every room in my parent's house, Jared suggested I "put something sexy on".

I looked in the family's costume closet instead and found this(!!!!!!!!!!!!):

Who knew I could look so hot as a Utah sister-wife?

Jared was not as amused as I was, and refused to call me "Sister Emily".


Note: While I have deep respect for religious freedom and individual's agency, I reserve the right to make fun of clothing and awesome hairstyles as I see fit.

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  1. I don't know what Jareds smoking, I totally want to be your sister wife. Your hair swirl makes me weak in the knees!


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