Hairy Lumberjacks

One of my favorite/inappropriate friends, Christie, came to visit a few weeks ago.  Now that I've moved back to Utah, she has moved away. Of course. Her husband is in Med school in Missouri. She really needs to get her priorities straight and move back to Utah, so we can have playdates.

I thought it would be fun to roll out a huge paper and let the boys paint nicely. Instead, Christie's cute little boy, Issac, was like "What in the Stay-At-Home-Mom-Hell is this?"


Clearly, I may have a kid-crafts pinterest addiction that I take out on any child near me. Issac was not even impressed by my huge roll of paper or amazing paint brush collection.

While Christie and I painted cute pictures, The boys dumped a whole bottle of water on the paper and spread it around to ensure our masterpiece was ruined.

After that disaster, we punished our kids by making them dress up like hairy lumberjacks.

My kids are used to being dressed up and peacefully submitted when I painted their beards on.

Once again, Isaac was not amused.

He was disgusted that Christie and I had the audacity to paint his cute little face. He smeared it everywhere while Christie expertly snuck the brown paint on here and there. It may have looked more like poop than like a beard, but we just went with it.

Of course Isaac managed to make a dookie beard look adorable:


Man-beard Ryan stares off into the distance: 

Tyler looks suggestively into the camera:


"What's up? My name is Christie and I like to look cute all the time so you look like a dump next to me! Hee hee hee!!!!!" - what Christie was thinking as we took these pictures:


Screw you for being a hot mom Christie. Screw. You.


  1. Those pictures of your lil lumberjacks are freakin' adorable!

  2. Well, you know, if you stayed in California I could have been dumpy looking mom with you. And why didn't you ever paint my kids' faces?

    1. Next time I see you, I will think up an equally awesome/embarrassing photo shoot for our boys!!!!

  3. Welcome back to blogging. I was worried you went down your parents slide and died.
    This post is very fitting for no-shave november. I'm joining in this month and my armpits have never been warmer.

  4. HAHA oh my hell i just laughed out loud. HILARIOUS!


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