Kid Boogers

Boogers are playing a much larger part of my life than I ever expected.

Since moving to temperature-challenged Utah from sunny California, my boys have had more colds than I can count.
Boogers are running rampant in my house.

I never knew the human body was capable of such disgusting-ness.

Everytime he had a cold, Baby T-bag wakes up with snot crusted all over his little face.
He seems to enjoy it.

When I try to scrape it off, he cries, which leads me to believe he likes it all over himself. ew.

In the midst of a bad cold, I found this on Tyler's sheets one morning:

Bobby pin for size reference.
I cant handle it.

Lucky for me, Ryan doesn't eat his boogers. There is nothing worse than little kids eating their huge slimey boogers. I should know, I was totally one of those kids.

Sidenote: How come it you catch a kid eating thier snot in public, the look you right in the eye defiantly the whole time they are doing it?  

We taught Kid #1 to use Kleenexes.
He still hasn't grasped the concept that after you use the kleenex, you should throw it away. Instead, booger bandit leaves his nuggets on the tissue IN THE BOX.

Sometimes I wonder if I should teach him to eat them as it might be more sanitary.


  1. I've missed you! Did you take a break between Cali and Utah? What's up with that...I'm totally stagnated in Chicago!

    Stick a dab of red pepper up their noses and be ready to catch the sneezes with a tissue. Just kidding.

    Jane xx

  2. I was not prepared for the disgustingness of this post. I just woke my baby with my dry heaving. Thanks a lot.


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