Karma Crawling

After a 6ish month hiatus from the blogging world, I finally have my own computer back. We've moved into our Utah house and everything is clean and put away.... which means I can start writing/talking trash again.

Baby Tyler is 11 months old now, and is still annoyingly smiley.

You know those creepy babies that don't crawl normally, but pull themselves around on their bellies in an army crawling position?

AND, remember my sister, Megan??? Well when we first moved here last August, her baby totally did the weird army crawl. Ultimately he is really cute but in my mind I totally made fun of him.

Good thing because now Karma is coming back at me.
Little T-Bag is a creepy army crawler :(


I know in my heart that it's because I made fun of Feg's baby.

He has no interest in crawling correctly, which does not surprise me given my children's track record of being developmentally slow.

Maybe I shouldn't make fun of babies in my head anymore. But we all know I will.

At least little Titty Monkey has some mean dance moves.


I can assure you with a confidence level of 85%, that he is dancing.... not humping our carpet.

Also, Ryan wanted me to take a video of him crawling, but then he just turned around and tried to put his butt in my camera. Typical behavior lately.



  1. Yay! :) and love the dancing!

  2. Ah..boys are so fun! It's good to see you are alive! Hope you are loving it back in Utah!

  3. Welcome back. I was cursing your move to utah if it meant the end of your blg,


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