Book Shelf

If I was marrying for handy-ness, I hit the jackpot.

Not only is my husband incredibly handsome, strong, taller than me, smart, and supportive of me being at stay-at-home-mom, he also makes regular vagina jokes even though it makes him blush every time.
He is awesome and also is hand-ier than the handy-est handy-man. And he's good in the sack.
Also, he cooks.

I know, I'm lucky. shut up.

One of my life goals is to have an amazing set of bookshelves, because the best thing next to perky tits or Taco Bell is a custom-built book holder.

My front room looked like this for almost a year:

All those boxes were full of books.
I knew we had to do something with that space but I didn't want some super fancy living room that we would never use.

Those would be wayyyyyyyyy to fancy for me.

I also didn't want to throw a couple of comfy couches in there in case of surprise company.
Comfy couches would definitely send the wrong message I'm trying to put out.
I hate when people come to my house uninvited because I'm socially retarded and don't wear pants most of the time.

I don't want anyone thinking they are welcome here.
(Except Gayle Lassen and Jared's Grandma, Annette. Gayle and Annette are the only ones allowed to show up whenever they want because they are awesome and I adore them.)(Oh, and maybe Kelly Rex because she's pretty to look at and always brought food. Christie too for the same reasons, even if the food she brings is only for her son since it's in her tits and its breast milk.)

I figured I needed a place for my books and since all the boxes were already in that room we might as well build a bookcase there.

Jared built the entire thing by himself because he is a man.

There is no seating in there because we hate people, but also because we are cheap.

I want some awesome Stickley chairs in there.

And a huge over-sized reading chair would be rad too.

 I am hoping by the time I am 75, I'll be able to afford them.

Until then, I'm pretty stoked about my books being accessible and that I can put weird random crap on all the shelves.

But for real, how rad is this Saber tooth tiger skull?

Ryan is especially excited that he can display his rock collection.
Don't tell him I just bought them at a museum gift shop and buried them in the dirt for him to find. He thinks he's Indiana Jones.

It's a good thing Jared is finished with the book shelves so he can start working on the 126 other projects I have planned for him.


  1. Wow, I'm honored! I just may have to drop in unannounced! (And the bookshelves are amazing! You did hit the jackpot!)

  2. Ok, those shelves are pretty awesome. I bet if you would have married burp swallower instead the only thing on those walls would have had on them was his poster of arnold schwarzenegger. Good job not switching Jareds.

  3. Your guy is a keeper. And you have quite a collection of books. I hope those chairs come your way soon. Keep your pants on.


  4. Those book shelfs are amaaaaazing!! Your husband is da man!

  5. Dayum. Now I want some.

  6. I'm totally dropping by now. . . Without pants.

  7. Omg I can't believe Gayle reads your trashy blog hahahaha and CRAPBALLS your husband IS amazing, you lucky b!!! (He's not that ugly either)


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