Worst Kid Ever

Cryin Ryan is actually a really nice kid.
He is friendly, kind, thoughtful, happy, helpful, and hilarious.

I rarely have to punish him, but when I do he takes it very seriously.
Usually I just have a quick logical talk with him and he understands why he's getting in trouble.
Sometimes I yell.

I only put him in time out about once every couple of months.
I really don't believe in hitting kids, so he never gets spanked.

Generally a  quick threat of "Do we need to have a talk?" is all he needs to modify his behavior.

(Titty Monkey Tyler is a whole different animal, that I don't like to think about.)

When Ryan knows he's done something wrong he hurries and does one of the following:

  • Says "Sorry mom! I'll go to time out", and then sits in the corner until he realizes I didn't put him there and he can get out whenever he wants. 
  • Tells me, "Sorry my prettiest sweetie precious mom! You are my best! You are the nicest mom I ever had in the entire universe!" Then I can't be mad at him because he's telling the truth. 
  • He will fold his arms, bows his head, and says a quick prayer. "Dear God, please let mommy be nice and in a good mood so her does not get mad at me. Amen." Then he immediately asks me if I'm still mad. 
  • Says, "Hey mom! I have a good idea! Let's all be happy and be friends and then you don't have to get mad at me! I will cuddle you!"
  • Runs and hides behind the couch, in the closet, or under blankets on his bed. 

When none of his tricks work and he gets yelled at Ryan hates it. He can't handle anyone being mad at him.

He has a Kindle Fire and like to play a dinosaur game on it. He got mad at the game and threw his kindle in the trash can.
I got pretty mad at him and took the tablet away.
He ran to his room crying.

I heard him saying, "I'm so bad! I'm the worst kid ever! I make mistakes all the time! I am the worstest!"

My heart broke for him... so I video taped it and put it on my blog.


Kinda sad, but a lot funny.

Gosh, I adore that little kid.

He's the best.

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  1. I just realized why I don't update my blog as much as you do..... you all grew up! (And I quickly forgot all your shenanigans. ... ok, I'm trying to forget all your shenanigans ).


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