Laundry Lesson

Husband pissed me off so bad last week.

He pissed me off so bad, I decided to teach him a lesson.

For 4 days I quit being a super-duper housewife.

I made Jared help watch the terror children.
I didn't do dishes, pick up after the kids, vacuum, dust, or do laundry.
And I definitely didn't put out.
 I also didn't change the diaper genie sausage because my pettiness knows no bounds.

Then Husband had to go out of town for work and I felt like my point had been made.

I couldn't take the mess anymore. I furiously cleaned the entire house, and felt like my life was right again.

The one thing I didn't clean up was the laundry.
I hadn't done laundry for almost two weeks so there was a huge nightmarish pile of clothes in the mudroom. I never get behind on laundry.

Every time I walked past the pile it seemed to stare into my soul and taunt me.
I wasn't about to let a huge mound of clothes ruin my fun so I just kept ignoring it and went to the park instead.

I was still kind of mad at Jared so when he got back into town I left and took the boys up to my parents house.

When I got home later that night all the laundry was done.

Jared had folded it and put it all away. He even folded my clothes.

I was glad I didn't have to do it, but mad because crap like this makes it really hard to stay angry with him.

Well played Husband. Well played.

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  1. Does it make me a terrible person that reading about you fighting with Jared makes me seriously happy deep down in my insides? None of my friends ever admit to fighting with their husbands, and I fight with mine ALL THE TIME. Next time you guys get in a fight, instead of him leaving town, you should leave town and come visit me. We can burry our kids neck deep in the sand and have a lovely afternoon while they are trapped.


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