I Actually Have A Bed

I am 32 and my husband is 37.
We have been married 11 1/2 years.

And for the entire time we've been frat-boy-ing it on a mattress on the ground.

We were way to cool and hipster to spend money on a bed.

My parents felt bad for us and even offered to buy us a bedroom set.
We declined because we couldn't find anything we liked that wasn't obscenely expensive.

I guess I understand why they didn't want to buy us a Restoration Hardware bedroom set.
It's because they don't love me $8000 dollars worth.

I don't really care all that much about furniture. You've seen my house. It looks like 2 college kids got married and kept their dorm room stuff for 11 1/2 years.

We don't mind waiting a while until we save enough money to get something we love. 

Any furniture we get has to be exactly what we want and well built so it will last throughout abuse it will take. Especially a bed. 

Our home is very brown.
Typical Utah house.
 Which is warm and cozy, but not my style.

I like clean lines, and white everything.
I love things bright and fresh. Not cozy.

I'm not cozy and I don't want anyone getting too comfortable in my house.

I wanted more white in the bedroom even though it's not a pure virginal space.
So Jared got his fancy craft-man pants on made an amazing white wall for me.

It goes with the bookcase he made for our front room.
I looks like the workshop and all the money we spent on tools is actually paying off.
Plus, Jared loves building stuff and I love him building stuff. win. 

I really liked a couple of beds from Pottery Barn.

Jared said he could make me one.

And he did.

By the way, how attractive is it when men build things with their hands? Very attractive.
I even put out.

Jear-Bear is awesome. Look how beautiful it turned out.

It's so clean and simple.
It's also a special luxury to sleep in a real bed. I felt so classy.

It only cost us around $600 for materials.

To be honest, I mostly wanted a canopy bed so I could fulfill my childhood dream of a huge bed-tent.

It was everything I hoped for and more.

Dreams do come true.

Also, my kids are not naked in this pic, I have a "no nakeds" policy on all bedding.
They were just in their undies.

As we speak, Husband is working on painting the kitchen cabinets white, and I just peed my pants with excitement thinking about it!!! (To be fair, after 2 kids, I pee my pants over everything.)


  1. LOVE your new gorgeous bed and your awesome white wall!!! p.s didn't you show your son's butt crack in your last post? ;)

    1. I did just show a butt crack. Lol, I never claimed to be smart :)

  2. I love your bed! And that your Jared made it -- you guys are crafty. My husband and I slept on a mattress on the ground forever until a scorpion crawled up it and stung me at 1 in the morning. Mattress on ground doesn't work when you live in the dirty desert, so we got a bed [and moved!!].

  3. Quentin made me toast once.

  4. After seeing that wall I would have had list as long as a roll of toilet paper of stuff for Jared to make. That bed is gorgeous!


  5. That's freaking beautiful! I wish Zac was handy with tools. And I'm glad you're painting your cabinets white! That'll look so pretty!

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