My Plumber and I

I am taking a nutrition class this semester and my professor has converted me to the church of Fiber. I have been upping my fiber intake for the last two weeks and was proud of my new found regularity.

My husband and I are in the midst of a basement remodel so that we can rent it out. In order to do this, washer and dryer hookups had to be installed on the main floor. We hired a plumber recommended by a good friend. He let me know that he was turning the water off for a while to complete some of his work.

After 45 minutes I forgot that the water was off and went #2 in the bathroom. This was not an ordinary #2. This was a fiber saturated, baby-arm size #2. When finished, I tried to flush. Nothing happened. It was only then did I remember that the water off. I closed the lid and snuck back to my office hoping the plumber would not need to check the toilet for anything.

Later, he came in and informed me that the water was on. I smiled and said "thanks." I clenched my teeth as I heard him walk towards the bathroom. I heard him lift the lid.... then silence. I shook my head in shame as I heard the toilet struggle to flush.

The normally friendly plumber did not say goodbye when he left for the day.

Lucky for me, I'll probably see him at Albertson's or church.... if I can manage to look him in the eyes.


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