Why I do not have children

Jared and I have been married three and a half years. Jared is getting old. I have spotted a couple of grey hairs. His sperm is probably getting old too. In turn, people are always asking us why Jared has not knocked me up yet. It seems to be the favorite question of people I barely know. I guess this is a fair question considering my vagina is their business.

Why we do not have children:

Emily 11 years old/ Jared 12 years old

Mixing this dna could equal a disaster.
And I need to finish my degree....

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  1. But look at the two of you now!! :) Pictures during the years of puberty do NOT count. NO ONE looks good during that time.. :) haha.

    p.s. That is one of my pet peeves! (when people pester you for when you're going to have kids!) It's no one's business or decision but your own!! Plus, then the people that ARE trying and having a hard time, just get more discouraged when people keep asking!

    *and I like the plumber story. You are hilarious, and good at writing. Did you have to face him again? How did it go? :)


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