You have been named online porn capital of the USA!

Who knew that my home state was capable of such an arduous task. I know, without the hard work of many upstanding Utahans, we would have never been able to obtain this award. It is inspirational to think about how many of you gave up booze, pot, wife-beating, etc. and went straight for the hard core porn. Way to set a goal and reach for it.

I moved to California in hopes of finding someplace vile and rife with sin. A place I could call home. Now I realize my mistake. See you soon Utah!

All hail the Porn Czar!

(family of porn-looker-at-ers.)

Is this really what Utah has come to? I know for a fact that there is great snowboarding, mountain biking and plenty of lakes. All of which are more fun than porn.... to most people.


UPDATE 3/6/09: My dirty liberal friend Heather just informed me that she is the cause of all the downloaded porn. She is even doing it right now.

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  1. So FUNNY. This confirms my belief that there is something wrong with you! Love you!


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