The Sound Machine

This is one of the best things ever.

Marpac Sound Conditioner SleepMate 580A Sound Machine.

It provides white noise while you sleep and it is awesome. All the annoying things that wake you up are masked by the sound.

  • Jared's sporadic snoring
  • Jared waking up at 5:15 am every day
  • Chirping Birds
  • etc.

It is a little bit like crack. I am so addicted to this thing. I take it with me on every trip. I feel so alone and scared without it.

I expect to find this especially useful once I have kids. amen.


  1. We have a really loud fan we use when we sleep. But its really to drown out the sounds of our neighbors having sex. I'd trade that for Jared's snoring anyday....

  2. it is so useful! i babysit 6-month old twins and they play this "noise" on an ipod player in their room...it's HEAVENLY. i will def have to get one for my future kids.


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