Employment is Overrated

I chose the Boys and Girls Club.
Big Surprise.

I cant get enough of Jared so I obviously chose the schedule that would accommodate the most make-out sessions.
AND I get to wear awful staff t-shirts to work everyday! I can still wear jeans and flip flops..... a fair exchange.

After work I have to come home and disinfect myself because there is kid all over me. ew. Kids are gross.

I have a even more respect for elementary teachers now.

(I don't know who's kid this is, but she's nasty)

But overall, a pretty awesome job.


  1. Congrats on the new job and more makeout sessions! Definitely worth it! P.S. Kids ARE really gross, totally agree! :)

  2. congrats! so was that the bright blue oversized shirt you were wearing on tues? where'd u go, btw? did tacey offend u bc we had a pres mtg w/o u? i was already there, mind you, setting up the scout mtg w/ franco. i had no idea there was supposed to be a mtg. i rely on u to email me when there is one!


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