Meat Stick

As I prepare to visit my family for the holidays, I am reminded of childhood traditions..... most notably..... the Meat Stick.

My family loves these things.

On Christmas morning we would all wake up to stockings filled with a toothbrush, peanuts, and our very own Meat Stick. Jared vividly remembers visiting the Barlocker house while we were dating.

"I'd come over and there would be like 9 Meat Sticks scattered around the house. All of them would have various amounts gnawed off."

He once found my little sisters meat stick behind the pillow on the couch. She was very grateful that he had found it and began chewing off the side of it.

That's how we roll at the Barlocker house. word.

Side-note: I would not recommend eating any meat that does not require refrigeration.


  1. If you don't find time to see me when you come in town I am going to beat you with my meat stick...

  2. In my own defense: I hate these things. Everytime dad brings one home, I want to throw up.

  3. Hi Emily, I read your comment about your neighbors' rooster...it is ILLEGAL to have a rooster in many parts of Camarillo...you can call animal control to complain about it & they will go out to the neighbors' home to check on it. I know, because a few years ago our neighbor complained about us having "too many chickens" & the city came out to count them, and we were NOT in violation, thank goodness, because we had 4 chickens & we're allowed to have 5 poultry in my neighborhood...but NO roosters!! Sorry you have a rooster neighbor!! : ( Debbie Freitas


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