Pornographic Ultrasound

It's a Boy!

Or a really masculine girl, as my dad suggested.

Naturally, after seeing the pornographic nature of this picture, I asked my doctor if fetuses get boners.
She said they don't. Luckily. That would have been creepy.

I have already had issues coming to terms that there is a little wiener hanging out inside my body.

I was kind of hoping for a girl, but after I bought a tiny tuxedo t-shirt for the well-hung boy I felt better.

Oh yeah, here's a belly picture just for you Kenzie.


  1. I am so excited for you!!! You are 3 weeks ahead of me! I cant wait to hear more about how things are going! Congrats!

  2. Your 20 weeks picture looks like my "after dinner need to take a dump picture".

    You better keep the belly pics and pregnancy updates coming. This whole becoming a mom idea freaks me out. So keep me in the loop - even if it does mean posting pictures of fetus penis.

  3. So excited for you!! Boys are so much fun, and nowadays they are just as fun to dress up!!

  4. Okay first off boys are THE BEST seriously, and thanks for the picture. You're freaking tiny that's not even a "belly".

  5. Wow I'm so excited for you! ( and jealous..haha) I can't believe that ultra sound pic Haha awesome!


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