Meet Chucky

  • He is my awesome and adorable kitten.
  • He is only about 20% evil, which is remarkable for a cat.
  • He has only made me bleed once.
  • He is named after the infamous doll Chucky

The first day I brought him home he was too scared to come out of our expertly designed bathroom.
Notice, if you will, the light pink painted cabinets paired with the farmhouse sink circa 1984.... Perfection. I know you're probably wondering if there is light pink tile to match, and yes, there certainly is.

I've never had a pet indoors before and I am a little anal when it come to a clean house. I brush him for at least 15 minutes everyday. I also wipe him down with waterless cat shampoo at least once a day.
An apricot fresh kitten smells way better than dirty buttholed kittens, which is also why I have kitten wipes to wash his butt after he dumps.

Plus..... Chucky LOVES Butt Doll.

I could watch him rape it for hours. Precious!!!

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  1. You named your cat (who doesn't have orange hair) Chucky? Makes a lot of sense. Are you guys practicing being parents by getting a pet first? I hate to break it to you, but it might be a little late to decide you are unfit to be parents at this stage in the game...


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