My Commitment Problems

This past summer, my commitment to working retail was seriously questioned. I have worked at a few retail locations throughout my college career. They give awesome discounts and I can demand to be scheduled no more than 10 hours a week.

My boss at Joes Jeans, whom I'll call "Kerrie" because that's her name, called my allegiance into serious question.

I asked for the the week of the 4th of July off a month prior to my scheduled trip to Lake Powell. Then I found my name on the schedule.... I went to chat with Kerrie.

Me:I don't understand why I am on the schedule.

K: Well next week is the 4th of July so it's going to be busy and we're getting a huge shipment so you have to stay and help.

Me: Right........ So like I said, I'm going to be in Lake Powell next week..............

K: Mark asked for time off too and he didnt get it off either.

Me: Well Mark is the assistant manager, he is more invested in the store than I am. I barely work ten hours a week and get paid next to nothing. One of the only reasons I work here is because of the flexibility (and amazing discounts, but I didn't say that).

K: Obviously your commitment to Joes Jeans isn't up to the level I thought it was.

Me: Wait.... when exactly did you get the idea that commitment existed between me and my part-time retail job?

K: You can't just not show up for work.

: That's why I asked for it off a month ago.

K: Well, you're not allowed to take any time off next week.

Me: You're not my mom.

(I blink and look around the backroom)

Me: I'll let you know how awesome Lake Powell is when I get back.

But she showed me. When I came back my job, along with any devotion or commitment that may have existed, was gone. Now whenever I want a discount I have to bake the other coworkers cookies so they will purchase jeans for me. amen.


  1. I am really behind. I just read your blog and realized that you are pregnant. Congratulations Emily! Sorry, I am probably the last person to wish this to you, but regardless I am very excited for you. Boys are SO FUN. Seriously. They are easy and less dramatic than little girls. I could have a family of all boys and be completely satisfied. Yay for boys!

  2. Hi Emily. I googled "things a pregnant woman can do on lake powell" and your blog was the 5th link from the top. I guess your pregnancy posts, coupled with your story over losing your job after going to lake powell last 4th of july, placed you on google's top 5! Anyways, my wife & I are planning a "babymoon" to lake powell for this June and she'll be 6 months pregnant by then. I realize you were not pregnant last july however I am hoping you can recommend some safe stuff she can do (no wakeboarding!). Any ideas are truly appreciated. Congrats on the baby boy.
    Art & Kimberly Rios
    Winter Park, FL


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