Cal State's Finest

I officially graduated with a Bachelors in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work from Cal State University. FINALLY.

My last class was kind of the coup de grace of all sociology classes. It is meant to incorporate everything a fine young sociology major has learned over his/her academic career. The class included a bunch of crap and a hard-core professor to harass you every step of the way.
My research topic was Children and Gender Roles. I had to do the following:

1. Complete 50 hour internship
I knew the internship had to relate to our research topic. I also knew that volunteering when you could possibly get paid was out of the question. I got my current job at the Boys and Girls Club so that I could make money while researching. 2 birds, 1 stone. No one else in my entire class tried to do this. They were all jealous that I had such foresight. Suckers.

2. Utilized Authorized Research Methods
I basically had to fill out loads of paperwork and harass my boss to complete them for 5 weeks straight. Gathering info on young kids is considered a "no-no" without written permission and contracts with CSUN.

3. Gather and Analyze Statistics
I observed the kids for over 120 hours during free play. And gathered over 150 journals pages. I then proved how awesome I am at statistics and entered all my data into into the stat program SPSS.

4. Apply Sociological Theory
I applied sociological theory.

I did an amazing job on this project and made a lame poster to go with it. Then came my presentation......

I aced it. I did an amazing job.
One week later I picked up my poster and grade. As I turned to leave the Professor told me to look closely at my poster. He asked if I saw anything wrong with it.
I'm an idiot. Embarrassing. I thought I was so cool for collecting better and more relevant data than everyone else in the class and I had to ruin it by misspelling "Roles" as "Rolls". This is basically unforgivable in the sociological realm.

Plus I bet during my whole presentation the class was thinking about fresh penis-shaped baked goods.


  1. I was reading this during a meeting and blurted out laughing. Now everyone knows I wasn't paying attention. Way to go... Penis shaped baked goods. Genius.

  2. i thought it was a play on words, you know? you should have played it off like, oh, yeah, i totally planned that... ;)

    about susie's shower: i know! where were you?? i didn't send out the invites, susie and her sis-in-law did, so i didn't get to see the guest list. :( we'll have to do one for you soon, so start making your guest list now so you don't forget anyone!


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