Pregnant at the BGClub

Being pregnant at the Boys and Girls Club has been interesting. Most of these kids watch too much T.V. and/or have older brothers and sisters that fill them in on life's mysteries.

Some questions the first graders have recently asked:

Question: What are those red things all over your face? They look a little gross.

Answer: Zits, Jaun. They are zits. Sit down and be quiet.

Q: Are you going to tell your baby to sit down and be quiet when it cries?
A: Actually......Yes

Q: Does milk come out of your boobs?

A: Ask your mom

Q: What if you were going poo and the baby fell out? (obviously asked by FRANK)
A: If you only
knew..... ask your mom

Q: Would Jared be mad if the baby came out black? My auntie's baby was black and her boyfriend was really mad.

A: Yes, Jared would be mad.

Q: Why does your belly look like a basketball? Can we play with it during free time?

A: Get your Cheeto hands off my stomach.

Q: What if your baby is annoying like Kristina?

A: Don't ever say that again.

Q: Why do you have an outie bellybutton? Can we put tape on it? It looks like it's always looking at us.
A: It is looking at you...

And how could I forget this gem of a conversation?

Kid: I know how your baby got in there......
Me: No you don't.

Kid: yeah I do.
Me: Fine. How?

Kid: S-E-X.

Me: ........ ask your mom.

My last day of work was yesterday. Bittersweet.
Considering I am 38 weeks pregnant I figured I should gracefully bow out now while I don't have body fluids coming out everywhere. I do not want to field questions about amniotic fluid or colostrum.


  1. That photo is really scary. I can't believe they would leave all those little kids unsupervised like that...

  2. emily you are the smallest prego ever and most gorgeous mommy to be!!


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