Baby Bald Spot

4 1/2 months old and balding. This cannot be good.
The bald spot that babies get on the back of their heads makes me crazy.

It makes me feel like a bad mom because it appears like all I do is lay him in his crib to rub the hair off all day. But I would never lay him in his crib all day. I totally move him to his pack-n-play. If he's behaving himself I even lay him on his playmat.

Baby Ryan has super fuzzy hair too. His little back looks like a fuzzy peach.... well, that or a mole rat... but I prefer peach.

He is also talented at growing a healthy mullet. I was really hoping that the White Trash gene was recessive but no such luck.

(yes, that is a baby straight-jacket that we tied him up in to give him the buzz.... don't judge.)

This is the second haircut Jared has given him. Jared tried to go all "professional" on him and give him a man haircut complete with a fade up the sides.

Now Cryin' Ryan looks like a 35 year old man with a drooling problem. If Baby is going to age that quickly, the least he could do is stop pooping his pants. amen to stopping pooping of the pants.

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