Origami Vagina

Normally when you go on a Caribbean cruise, your room steward cleans your cabin and leaves you cute towel origami animals. It is precious.

Our October 2010 Babymoon was no different.

In the beautiful country of Belize, we skipped traditional shore excursions and made our way to a grocery store. I was pregnant and severely constipated and I needed some prune juice STAT. It was a lovely way to spend the day.

I waddled back to the ship and downed the prune juice. I chugged 1 litter in less than 3 minutes.

On top of constipation, I had wicked morning sickness. I promptly threw up the entire contents of my stomach....all over our tiny bathroom.

Purple frothy vomit blanketed everywhere but the toilet, where I was aiming.

I cleaned up the best I could with the travel handwipes I stole from the buffet.
It wasn't the best cleaning job I have ever done. I had to get out of the room before I started dry heaving from the smell.

We left and camped out on the deck for a few hours, feeling only slightly guilty for leaving the bathroom speckled with slop.
We headed back to the room to get ready for dinner.

We walked into our cabin and found this:

An origami vagina.


  1. My vagina doesn't have eyeballs...should it? Am I a weirdo?

  2. This is seriously the funniest thing ever! I can't believe they did that. Its totally a vagina! haha


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