Feg's Wedding

My little sister Megan, who I usually call Fegan, Feg, Fegalicious or Feg-feg (because it made her cry when she was little) was married this summer.

Doesn't Fegan look ravishing?

Weddings in the Barlocker family are usually sprinkled with inappropriateness. Because I had Cryin' Ryan only 4 weeks before, I was unceremoniously left out of Feg-feg's wedding shenanigans.

An entire dance routine turned out to be the highlight of Fegalicious's reception.

Take a look at this nightmare:

Be so kind and to note the facial expression on the middle brother's face.
Have you ever seen someone so delighted with themselves?

Turns out, my three socially inept brothers spent a buttload of cash to rent these tasteful Englishmen costumes. Oddly enough, the outfits came with bad English accents, which my brothers used throughout the night.

I couldn't miss out on the fun. I later broke out some awesome moves on the dancefloor.... baby bjorn and all.
My family's weddings can beat up your family's weddings. amen.


  1. You shouldn't look this hot 4 weeks after child birth. I'm shunning you.

  2. It's true. I've not seen Matt this excited over something in a long time! Sad...

  3. I think I have to agree with Christy on this one. You 4 weeks after childbirth can beat up me 4 weeks after childbirth. Haha!


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