LDS Halloween Rave

We are really hard partiers, so for Halloween we hit up our LDS Ward Halloween party! It was insane!!! I myself have never been to a rave, but I'm sure they are similar to what I experienced last Saturday.

  • Local parishioners were almost in a coma from the chili cook-off. I'm sure some of them overdosed.
  • Little children were foaming at the mouth from the amount of candy they had inhaled. 
  • We had to cut a few people off after they had too many waters. 
  • And, there was an older lady waving glow sticks. 

Honestly, I was surprised the cops didn't show up. 

Our little ward is full of new people so we had a "youtube" video screening. Every family made a youtube-esque video, and we all watched them while we ate. 

I hate being on video so I made this slideshow masterpiece....
Here is some stuff you probably would be better off not seeing:


Don't forget our consignment store costumes:

The answer is yes, that is a mustache Jared is sporting.... and no, I did not make love to him for the 3 weeks he was growing it. 

Clearly, Ryan was not as amused by his costume as I was.

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  1. That video was adorable. Warm fuzzies on my insides.

    At least Jared's mustache wasn't as sick as the time he shaved a bald spot in his hair....


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