Dirty Language @ the Boys and Girls Club

This is probably one of the most poignant moments during my tenure at the Boys and Girls Club. 

I had a 6 foot long piece of bright yellow butcher paper, stolen from the teachers supply room. I was running the Peace Builders program and the manual had suggested this activity to reduce bad words and put-downs.

I put the paper on the floor and had the first graders gather around it.
We discussed why we shouldn't say bad words or mean things to other people. 

Then I asked the kids to name some things we shouldn't say. I was going to write them all on the huge paper and then the kids could all help rip it up, symbolizing their resolve to not say mean things.

Miss Emily: What are some things we shouldn't say to each other?

Kid 1: You are not good at soccer.

Kid 2: You look gross.

Kid 3: You suck.

Kid 4: I'm not going to be your friend.

Kid 5: You can't play with us.

Miss Emily: Good job! What else should we write down?

Honest Kid: You shouldn't say, "Mother Fu*ker"

I put my head down to hide my delighted laughter. 
I took a few minutes to compose myself.

Miss Emily: Um, yeah.... we shouldn't say that..... let's not write that one down though...

Kid 3: What's a "Mother Fu*cker"?


Miss Emily: ..........Who wants recess!?!


  1. When are You going to commercialize your drawings? You get better with everyone I see!

  2. This is only extremely funny as Cooper whipped out the F bomb in causal conversation a couple days ago. Kids never quit amazing me.

  3. OMgosh! You can tell I still have baby brain.


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