Urchin Eating

Jared and his boyfriend, Stephen, had a novel idea.
Jared was in need of a little adventure since I had recently misplaced his Lobster Underpants along with his favorite hand lotion.

Let's not get into that though.....

The men decided to borrow a kayak and paddle out to a random place off shore. They brought their scuba equipment and took a few dives to gather ocean delicacies.

Behold the Sea Urchin

 Hours later Jared comes home with a suspicious grin on his face and an orange bucket full of sea urchins. 

He murdered them on our front lawn. 

The light orange blob on the spoon is the part you eat.

I normally refrain from eating anything that was killed on my front lawn, but after considering the fact that I have had WAY DIRTIER things in my mouth, I decided to try it. 

BLEH. Urchin is nasty. It tastes like how the ocean smells..... rotten and foul. And a little bit like pee.


  1. I love everything about this post.

  2. Ick. You two never cease to amaze me. And thank you for for tasting it so now I don't have to! ...squid isn't much better. .. or snails.
    ...and I spent a lot of time on that lobster!!!


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