Pee + Poo = The Zoo

I spent yesterday at the Santa Barbara Zoo with the Boys and Girls Club. 
This was awesome for 3 reasons:
  1. Cryin Ryan came with me.
  2. I got to walk around the entire day with my smart-a$$ friend/boss Lisa and make fun of everything.
  3. All the kids were cute, happy and funny. As always.
Every time I asked the kids if they were having fun they would reply with wide eyes and big smiles.

  • "I saw the elephant poop! I was a BIG poop!"
  • "The gorilla pooped! Right in front of us!"
  • "I saw the animals privates!"
  • "The giraffe peed!"
  • "The vultures neck looks like a penis!"

Wait... Lisa said the last one, not the kids.

Why is the highlight of everyone's day at the zoo ALWAYS involve animals peeing, pooping and/or flashing?

Check out these cinematic masterpieces:

(Pay special attention to how happy the people in the background are. You know that was the best part of their day.)

You know this dude had to have an awkward conversation with his kid on the way home:

I think in the future when we have to give Cryin Ryan the sex talk.... we'll just take him to the zoo. amen.

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  1. hahaha it's things like the first video that make me wonder how people can possibly think we came from these creatures...

    I can't stop laughing, especially at the last one


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