Dirty Jenga

I went  to the military commissary with my awesome and funny friend Lisa a couple of months ago.

I bought Jenga.

Jared hates playing games so I had to be creative to get him to play with me.

Introducing: Dirty Jenga


1. Make sexual bets based on who will win the game.

               Example A: If I win you have to give me a massage... with your privates.
               Example B: If I win you have to leave the lights on.
               Example C: If I win you have to shower before we do it. 

2. Trash talk your opponent with references to your dirty bet.

               Example A: Hey crybaby, I'll go get the massage oil ready.
               Example B: If I were you I would put on some more makeup and self tanner, the  
                                  lights are staying on tonight loser!!!
                Example C: Hey stinktits, Should I just get the shower started now?

3. Loser pays debt. (without crying.)

This makes for a great Family Home Evening activity.


  1. If this is what you are doing for family home evening I may need to call child protective services on you.....

  2. So was that YOUR jenga I threw away? I yelled at Rachel for it!

  3. This makes all the times I eat ice cream and play jenga by myself even more sad.

    P.S. I work for child protective services and this is totally ok. In fact every other friday we play Dirty Uno at the office so...DON'T call. Thanks.


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