Security Tags

I was at my local CVS the other day.
While stocking up on my weekly supply of suppositories and Tampax, I noticed something rather strange.
Security tags on all the condoms and lubricants.

Nothing else at the store had the sensors on it.
BUT, baby formula was behind a glass cabinet under lock and key.

This leads me to believe that the city of Camarillo, California has a serious problem.
Apparently, a disturbing number of citizens are stealing KY and Trojans.

Surprisingly, the condoms are breaking at a disturbing rate causing the rubber thieves to have babies. Babies need food. This leads to the stealing of baby formula.

I think the Mayor and City Council should definitely address this at their next meeting. 


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  2. I'll be at the next City Council meeting to hold Ryan while you present this serious problem to the Council! I got your back!!

  3. I also had a recent run in with some important tags. I bought an axe the other day and after I was finished using it Quentin pointed out it had a huge sticker on it that said handling it (because of what it was made out of) could cause birth defects. Uh oh, looks like my baby may take after auntie emily more than we originally thought....

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  5. @Chelsee: i agree on what you had posted. security tag

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