Pregnancy Card

 One of my favorite people is FINALLY having a baby.
Christie is Mormon, lives in Utah, is married and 28 years old. She is lucky she got knocked up, I hear the Utah state prosecutor was building a strong case against her reproductive choices.

You can get in HUGE trouble for not having kids in Utah.

After rebelling against the status quo for years on end, it's nice to see her finally settling down and ruining her life like the rest of us.

 Since Christie is awesome, funny and witty I had to make an equally charming card for her:

Congrats Christie!!!
P.S. the card should be coming in the mail if you haven't already received it.


  1. The reason I didn't get knocked up for so long is because I actually do have a third nipple and it was very distracting to my husband. Thanks for making me feel worse about it....

  2. OMG that is tooooo funny. Can I have one?!?!

  3. okay Seriously? this was hilarious! You should be selling those haha


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