Pee Toddler Meets Butt Doll

Baby Ryan found a new friend today!

If you will kindly remember butt doll circa 2010.

Pee Baby, who I will now officially refer to as Pee Toddler, has been carrying around this morally questionable toy. 

I am not 100% sure it's legal to post these pictures on the internet, but just go with it....

Best Friends Forever!!!


  1. give him a friggin haircut already would ya? and buy him a baseball bat too

  2. he's looks so different! such a little man. and i need one of those dolls for clarke.

  3. Hug that sweet boy for grandma!!!!

  4. Looks like he takes after his mother.....

  5. I got a friggin' haircut once and it was the worst. I looked like a gay missionary...you know the type. We all had one companion like that on the mission, right? At the time you didn't know for sure he was gay but he had a suitcase of cosmetics and he was always asking you to make out with him instead of praying so when you saw his blog post about being a gay mormon unicorn you thought to yourself "I knew it!"
    These days I go with a flippin' haircut or sometimes a freaking haircut (my wife loves it because she's freaky) although lately I've been rocking the "Bad Mother Hugger" dew because it looks good and because my mom never hugged me so I'm bad at it.


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