Post-Pregnancy Stretch Mark


I somehow managed to make a baby for nine months and not get a single stretch mark. (Except the ones on my upper thighs... they are tiny so they don't count, right?)

But then,

I was rolling up my hot curling iron when my sweet little baby rushed in and tackled my legs. I ended up burning my wrist and stomach.
Burns are the worst.
I walked around the elementary school the first week of my job with a huge band-aid on my inner wrist. More than one person said I looked like a crack addict. It didn't help that my wounds were bloody and green with pus. Fortunately the kids loved looking at it.

When the burns finally healed I was left with fugly scars.  

The one on my stomach doesn't look too bad when I coat it in self tanner, but for your enjoyment I Photoshopped the bottom picture so you can see it better.

 It totally looks like a stretch mark.


It's just what I've always wanted.


  1. Check out Mederma. I've used it on my c-section scar and it's awesome!

  2. Are these the ones you got in vegas? Ouch!!!!! I knew you were hurting!

  3. Your belly button totally looks like a creepy eye ball.....

    What's your new job? Did I miss a post about that somewhere?


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