Rats and Lizards

 We find a lot of random stuff in yard.
Newspapers from 2006, a broken bong, and a partially filled out McDonald's application.

But sometimes we find awesome things like these gross little rats:

They looked diseased and left a pee trail everywhere they went.

Ryan still liked them and their diseases.

After we played with them for a little bit, Jared told Pee-toddler he needed to take the rats back to there mom..... and by that, he meant chopping their heads off with a shovel and throwing them into the ravine.

I also found the cutest little lizard ever, ever, ever.

We made a little house for him and played with him for a few hours. I knew it was a "him" because all lizards are boys.... just like all dogs are boys and all cats are girls.

 He was so cute we just let him go, and didn't even consider chopping his head off.

Ryan was hesitant to let him go without the lizard's mom present.
He was worried the baby lizard needed his mom to get him food and water, so he patiently waited on the doorstep for lizard-mom to make an appearance.


Baby lizard stayed in Ryan's hand the whole time. I think he was probably scared to move after his 2 hours of captivity with a 3 year old.

I ended up faking like I saw the mom lizard come back because I was bored, so Ryan hurried and let baby lizard run into the garden. 



  1. Being a boy mom is the best. It's like I say: "you can never have too much penis"

  2. Oh miss Christy.....
    Good job on letting Ryan be a boy. If you move back you can be in charge of removing all the mice in my home ; but you'll have to change lizards for huge spiders .... Which you may also have. Bring your bug box.


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