May Stuff

I don't really blog much when I have a new baby because I am literally doing this all day:


Besides maniacally staring at my baby, here's some of the less embarrassing things we've been up to:

Every once in a while, I decide to pay attention to Cryin' Ryan. I drew him a farm mural to paint.

Ryan is way to good for a lame farm picture, so he made me add a family of corn-dogs.
Yes. A family. Of corn-dogs.

Tyler smiled at Grandma Annette, while Terror Child rode his tricycle around in his underwear.

White Trash REPRESENT!!!!
We also let him ride his tricycle in Santa Barbara ... this time fully clothed.

Then Jared took Ryan on a Treasure Hunt while I fed baby #2.

I never realized breastfeeding in a bikini was so convenient.

1st trip to the dentist. Minimal crying.

We disregarded all safety concerns and let Ryan crawl all over our friend's excavator. (It's hard to believe but yes, I have friends..... 4 of them.)

Then we went to their pool.

Have you ever swam in a saltwater pool? Its not all chemical-ly and it's amazing. It's not all salty and it leaves your skin soft afterwards. Amazing.

After dragging Pee-toddler through the mall, I let him play in the kiddie cesspool.

He cheated on his girlfriend, Finley, with a mysterious dark-haired girl.

More beach days. Ryan is preparing to make himself a human churro:

Other than that I skipped around my newly remodeled house in my underwear and ate candy.


  1. That video of Tyler is freaking precious. Also, you should post pictures of your house. I'm obsessed with seeing pictures of remodels, and your kitchen is gorgeous.

  2. Love the video! Love the fact that Ryan got dirty in the presence of Jared with no bathtub around, and love the fact that your sweet little family is taking advantage of the beach and surrounding areas! And I believe you when you say you've done that and eat candy. I don't know how you stay skinny when that is literally all you pretty much eat. You must have a tape-gummy-worm.

  3. I want a beach in my presence.


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