Sin City with Babies

 Continuing on my life's pattern of stupid ideas, Jared and I took the kids to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas with a behaviorally challenged 3 year old and a newborn-ish baby....... what could go wrong!!??!

First of all, a 4 hour car ride with a 3 year old turns into a 6 1\2 hour ride. Ugh. I had to spend the whole time entertaining him with a bag of tricks I bought at Michaels. I like to sleep on road trips, not frantically entertain Pee-Preschooler with animal magnets and play-dough.

We finally reached Vegas and checked into our room at Planet Hollywood. We had to make two trips back to the car to get all our luggage in our room. The amount of stuff needed for a two night trip is unbelievable. Kids are more high maintenance than I am. 

We booked our room online and knew that if we included the kids, we would have to pay an extra $60, so we just said there were 2 adults.
The problem is, when we checked in at the front desk we had to hide our over-packed stroller and our children.  I casually walked everything over to a nearby column and hid behind it. Ryan was confused why I was crouching down looking side to side. 
I've done much sketchier things to save $60.

We were smart enough to stay at a hotel in the middle of the strip so we didn't have to drive anywhere the whole time. That was pretty much our only good idea the entire three days. 


That night we walked the strip and were immediately assaulted by a dude in a sloppy DIY Transformers costume. Ryan ran up to see the crappy "robot". Jared took a picture. And immediately, Robo-crap was two inches from Jared's face trying to intimidate him for money since he took a pic.

Of course we didn't pay. I don't give out dollars bills to anyone with clothes on.


Breastfeeding in Vegas is especially creepy. Way too many guys tried to sneak a peak, and they didn't even offer tips. rude.


I looked stupid in almost every picture we took.

We went swimming and totally spoiled Ryan the whole time.

Surprisingly, it was soooo fun.


  1. Thank you for your pictures! Nice to see a whole family one even if Tylers head is cut off.

  2. My how times have changed. There are so many things I want to say, but won't. Did you run in to Chocolate Chip skinned Dany Divito?

  3. Adrienne Crouch7/15/14, 8:12 PM

    Only the best moms take their young children to Sin City. Our boys' first family vacation was a trip to Vegas at the ripe age of 6 weeks old. Of course they screamed all night the first night, so at 3am we made a nice bed for them in the bathtub (sharing a hotel room with kids sucks). We slept beautifully for the rest of our trip though (well, for 3 hours at a time) and had a great time introducing the little runts to the strip. Good for you for being brave enough to show your babies the world (well, the important parts of it at least).
    Miss you!


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