Nasty House: Bathrooms

 Ready for some pretty serious before and afters?
Just a heads up, you will probably feel itchy, sad, and a little violated while looking at the "before" photos.

In 2008 we bought our house from the Catholic church, see the cross above what used to be a garage? They had actually converted the garage into a Chapel.... complete with an Alter.
A bunch of old sweet nuns were living here, but ready to go to assisted living.

Nothing gets Jared more excited than a super gross house that needs to be remodeled.
Look at the glee in his face:

My face is obviously not as joyful as Jared's. I am not a fan of living in gross houses, living through messy remodels, and spending all our savings on said remodel. 
Not to mention we had just moved from Ohio where Jared spent 1 1/2 years remodeling another nasty house he bought for us.

 Look at this elegant use of the color pink in an upstairs bathroom:

The crunchy blue tye-dyed looking carpet adds a touch of glamor. 
The master bath was even better.Who knew you could buy an avocado colored toilet???


When we moved in we replaced the floors but the colorful tile remained for the next 5 years while we saved up enough to remodel our house. Ugh. 

Here's the final product - main bathroom:


Master bathroom:

It took Jared over 1 1/2 years to redo them. Any money we saved by having Jared do all the labor was quickly spent on materials.

At least now I don't feel like I'm infected every time I get out of the shower. Win.


  1. Just because you don't feel infected when you get out of the shower, it doesn't mean you aren't. Any planned parenthood could tell you that.

    Your house looks really cute! Hopefully pee toddler won't ruin anything. I would love to come visit you sometime. Too bad your husbands antisocial.

  2. Your new bathroom is beautiful! Who in their right mind puts carpet in the bathroom? That is just nasty! It has got to be nice having that ripped out!

  3. Next stop - kitchen! I personally am waiting to see the stairwell

  4. And you forgot to post the pic of your opened up living room!


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